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    Atlus arrived at the beach, though their was still a good bit of time until sunset than he expected. He walked to a part he thought would be secluded, though their was no one on the beach anyway. He sat under some shade, and started to drift away to sleep........................

    Unlike Flan, Munch, and Snort, who instead stayed up. No need to waste the first day, right? Flan asked, "So, what should we do?"
    "What about we explore this beach! What else is their to do."
    "Fine with me." "Whatever"

    Flan took a high post on some rocks to 'supervise'. Snort was digging around in the sand in spots that smelled interesting, though mostly found trash(which he put away in Atlus's bag). Munch for whatever reason looked intently at the shore near the ocean. It wasn't until an hour later that something happened.

    "HEY!!! Something squirted water on me!" Munch shouted.
    Flan leapt of her high post, saying with doubt,"Yea.....are you sure you didn't just get splashed?"
    "Yes, I'm sure. It hit me right in my face."
    "What were you doing by the water anyways if you didn't want to get wet?"
    "Looking for treasure maps hidden in bottles." Munch said earnestly.
    Flan sighed loudly, then said, " You found the pasword to the computer and watched pirate movies again, haven't you." It was hardly a question, as she already knew the answer.
    "You found the password and you didn't invite me to watch computer movies with you!" Snort said a little hurt, he enjoyed the movies too. Flan glared at Snort for reenforcing such acts, but Munch answered back before she could say anything.
    "Aayyyye mateys." Munch answered both questions at once.

    "What are you wierdos talking about." ???? said. The voice had come from the water, sticking his head out to see what the reaction had been to his prankish watergun. He didn't expect to hear stuff like 'pirates' and 'computers'. He swam closer, courious. Flan, Munch, and Snort where surprised to see who they assumed squirted Munch. It was a...............

    Atlus was waking up from his nap, drowsy, slowly geting up to yawn.
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