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This game is based on Australia and will contain fakemon as well as some classics. I have been working closely with UltimateDillon (So please check out Apex Version) and as such there will be some links (mostly in the form of characters) between games.

I have decided to call the game Pokemon Opal since Australia has some famous Opal mines and I'm confirming that I'm calling the region the Australis region. I have compiled a regional dex of 316 pokemon some fake and others real and will create a tumblr page for the dex when it is complete. Work on art and planning has begun but I'm still looking for contributors who can help.

I'll probably do this with RXMP but open to good alternatives that are still easy to use.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I'll be releasing a demo game (not an alpha) soon in which you can play through the first gym with a pre-programmed team of three pokemon. This team will be Ghasp, Firin and Keckleon.

Australis Regional Dex

Each evolutionary family is separated into a group and legendaries are in italics. As per usual (except Unova) the first 9 are the starters. The order of the dex may be changed but at this point it is unlikely that any more pokemon will be added or removed.

Firin (Echidna) Fire
Firike Fire Steel
Firazor Fire Steel

Platyx (Platypus) Water
Toxipus Water Poison
Monoxyus Water Poison

Frettle (Frilled-Kneck) Grass
Saurillard Grass Dark
Diloginous Grass Dark

Starley Normal Flying
Staravia Normal Flying
Staraptor Normal Flying

Redid (Redback Spider) Poison
Arachqueen Poison Fire

Bluddle (Mosquito) Bug Water
Mosquain Bug Water

Pachirisu Electric

Emolga Electric Flying

Kangaskhan Normal

Sandile Ground Dark
Krokorok Ground Dark
Krookodile Groud Dark

Boomerang Fight
Boomerang Fight
Boomerang Fight

Geodude Rock Ground
Gravellar Rock Ground
Golem Rock Ground

Seviper Poison

Ekans Poison
Arbok Poison

Aron Steel Rock
Lairon Steel Rock
Aggron Steel Rock

Scyther Bug Flying
Scizor Bug Steel

Numel Fire Ground
Camerupt Fire Ground

Domore (Dolphin) Water
Cetassion Water Psychic
Euphorin Water Psychic

Orcadow (Orca) Water Dark

Bilby Ground

Dingos (Dingo) Normal
Dilligo Normal Fire

Koalear (Koala) Grass

Wombarer (Wombat) Ground

Scornem (Scorpion) Poison
Scoranium Poison Steel

Diprotodon Rock Ground
Diprotodon Rock Ground

Nambaroo Rock
Nambarro Rock Fight

Ghasp (Wasp) Ghost
Fearasp Ghost

Ghastly Ghost Poison
Haunter Ghost Poison
Gengar Ghost Poison

Bonsly Rock
Sudowoodo Rock

Rotom Electric/Ghost (Electric/Grass, Electric/Water, Electric/Ice, Electric/Flying and Electric/Fire forms available after elite four is defeated. Perhaps by using appliances in your Battle Island house)

Cacnea Grass
Cacturne Grass Dark

Maractus Grass

Frix (Fox) Electric

Wobbegong Water Ice

Seel Water Ice
Dewgong Water Ice

Chatot Normal Flying

Durant Bug Steel

Magant (Fire Ant) Fire

Ratatata Normal
Raticate Normal

Remoraid Water
Octillary Water

Croagunk Poion Fighting
Toxicroak Poison Fighting

Edgetayle (Wedge-Tailed Eagle) Flying

Spoink Psychic
Grumpig Psychic

Trapinch Ground
Vibrava Ground Dragon
Flygon Ground Dragon

Kricketot Bug
Kricketune Bug

Tauros Normal

Miltank Normal

Mareep Electric
Flaffy Electric
Ampharos Electric

Kecleon Normal

Beechan (Jack-o-Lantern) Grass/Ghost
Gordoyle Grass/Ghost

Horsea Water
Seadra Water
Kingdra Water Dragon

Vulpix Fire
Ninetales Fire

Emvy (Emu) Fighting Flying
Em-fu Fighting Flying
Cassowarria (Cassowarry) Fighting Flying

Ferroseed Steel Grass
Ferrothorn Steel Grass

Pichu Electric
Pikachu Electric
Raichu Electric

Lumbric (Earthworm) Bug Ground
Caverness Bug Ground

Hoothoot Normal Flying
Noctowl Normal Flying

Tropius Grass Flying

Sabeleye Dark Ghost
Spiritomb Ghost Dak

Ralts Psychic
Kirlia Psychic
Gardevoir Psychic
Gallade Psychic Fighting

Vanilish Ice
Vanilite Ice
Vaniluxe Ice

Numbat Ground

Stonish (Stonefish) Water Rock

Tengra (Tasmanian Tiger) Dark
Tenecein Dark

Kukumis (Sea Cucumber) Water Poison

Heatmor Fire

Seedot Grass
Nuzleaf Grass Dark
Shiftree Grass Dark

Dratini Dragon
Dragonair Dragon
Dragonite Dragon Flying

Spinarak Bug Poison
Ariados Bug Poison

Joltik Electric Bug
Galvantuala Electric Bug

Runna (Goanna) Normal
Sprintanna Normal Water

Spotll (Spotted Quoll) Ice
Icell Ice

Meinfoo Fight
Meinshao Fight

Frillish Water Ghost
Jellicent Water Ghost

Tentacool Water Poison
Tentacruel Water Poison

Patrat Normal
Watchog Normal

Crayfish Ground
Crayfish Ground

Sheatle (Beetle) Bug
Chalimex (M) Bug Steel
Volimex (Lady Bug) (F) Bug Flying

Numel Fire Ground
Camerupt Fire Ground

Carvahna Water Dark
Sharpedo Water Dark

Goldeen Water
Seaking Water

Mawile Steel

Duskull Ghost
Dusclops Ghost
Dusknoir Ghost

Shuppet Ghost
Baynet Ghost

Swabloo Flying Normal
Altaria Flying Dragon

Spearow Normal Flying
Fearow Normal Flying

Sneasle Dark Ice
Weavile Dark Ice

Pawniard Dark Steel
Bisharp Dark Steel

Solosis Psychic
Duosion Psychic
Reuniclus Psychic

Gibble Dragon Ground
Gabite Dragon Ground
Garchomp Dragon Ground

Pinsir Bug

Herracross Bug Fighting

Nidoran Poison
Nidorina Poison
Nidoqueen Poison Ground
Nidorino Poison
Nidoking Poison Ground

Alomomola Water

Feebas Water
Miltoic Water

Cryonginal Ice

Caterpie Bug
Metapod Bug
Butterfree Bug Flying

Weedle Bug Poison
Kakuna Bug Poison
Beedril Bug Poison

Meowth Normal
Persion Normal

Glameow Normal
Purugly Normal

Mantike Water Flying
Mantine Water Flying

Skamory Steel Flying

Spheal Water Ice
Seeleo Water Ice
Walreain Water Ice

Riolu Fighting
Lucario Fighting Steel

Oddish Grass Poison
Gloom Grass Poison
Vileplume Grass Poison
Bellossom Grass

Elgyem Psychic
Beheeyem Psychic

Postle (Possom) Normal
Posteal Normal

Tazevil (Tasmanian Devil) Dark

Ducklet Water Flying
Swanna (1) Water Flying
Odilla (Black Swan) (1) Water Flying

Rock Wallaby Normal Rock

Florikeet (Rainbow Lorikeet) Flying Grass

Delibird Ice Flying

Assinium (Donkey) Normal

Spinolus (Thorny Devil) Steel Rock

Fleye (Fly) Bug Dark

Ponyta Fire
Rapidash Fire

Zubat Flying Poison
Golbat Flying Poison
Crowbat Flying Poison

Woobat Psychic Flying
Swoobat Psychic Flying

Arbou (Kinkajou) Normal
Pardosa (Red Panda) Normal
Macreale (Tree Kangaroo) Normal

Poliwag Water
Poliwhirl Water
Poliwrath Water Fight
Politoad Water May add grass typing

Tynamo Electric
Elektrik Electric
Elektross Electric

Infa (Quokka) (Baby) Rock
Quorock (Quokka) Rock

Wurmple Bug
Silcoon Bug
Beautifly Bug Flying
Cascoon Bug
Dustox Bug Poison

Wailmer Water
Wailord Water

Klink Steel
Klank Steel
Klinklank Steel

Onix Rock Ground
Steelix Steel Ground

Sandshrew Ground
Sandslash Ground

Krabby Water
Kingler Water

Castform Normal (Will gain Fog and Sandstorm forms)

Buizel Water
Floatzel Water

Sunkern Grass
Sunflora Grass

Shroomish Grass
Breloom Grass Fight

Lapras Water Ice

Houdour Dark Fire
Houndoom Dark Fire

Likitung Normal
Likilicky Normal

Minccino Normal
Cinccino Normal

Quilfish Water Poison

Grimer Poison
Muk Poison

Timburr Fight
Gurdurr Fight
Conkeldurr Fight

Dwebble Bug Rock
Crustle Bug Rock

Evee Normal
Eveeon Normal (I often wondered why there was never an Eveeon)
Flareon Fire
Vaporeon Water
Jolteon Electric
Espeon Psychic
Umbreon Dark
Glaceon Ice
Leafeon Grass

Venipeed Bug Poison
Whirlipede Bug Poison
Scollipede Bug Poison

Cubone Ground
Marowack Ground

Drilbur Ground
Excadrill Ground Steel

Axew Dragon
Fraxure Dragon
Haxorus Dragon

Deino Dark Dragon
Zweilous Dark Dragon
Hydreigon Dark Dragon

Larvesta Bug Fire
Volcarona Bug Fire

Lyrigale (Kookaburra) Normal Flying

Cryptid (Bunyip) Ghost Psychic (Considering multiple forms due to various versions of the myth)

Nymphenthes (Nymph) Grass

Ignission (Flame) Fire

Arisuis (Rainbow Snake) Water Psychic

Chaliseant (Rainbow Serpent) Ground Steel

Prilite (Elitist Dragon) Poison Dragon

Concept Art

- Firin
- Firin
- Bluddle
- Mosquaino
- Ghasp and Fearasp
- Eeveeon No Colour
- Xavier Idea
- Maylene
- Maylene
- Marine
- Magant
- Sheatle
- Volimex
- Chalimex
- Eeveeon
- Domore
- Cetassion
- Euphorin

That's it at the moment. Hope it looks good to you guys.


1. Bug
Leader: Xavier
* Kricketune (Lv. 14 Bide, Fury Cutter, Arial Ace, Struggle Bug) - Swarm
* Bluddle (Lv. 14 Leech Life, Water Gun, Mega Drain, Struggle Bug) - Swarm
*Scyther (Lv. 16 Vacuum Wave, Leer, Light Screen, Struggle Bug) - Technician
Tm: Struggle Bug

2. Flying
Leader: Mina

3. Dark
Leader: Toby

4. Normal
Leader: Elise

5. Poison
Leader: George

6. Water
Leader: Kamaria

7. Ground
Leader: Janice

8. Fire
Leader: Marcus

Elite 4
1. Rock- Damian
2. Ice - Marine
3. Fighting - Maylene (She was my favourite Sinnoh leader)
4. Electric - Carter
Champ. Steel - Ella (Kind of like how Blue was the champ in R/B/FR/LG)

Rivals and Villains
1. Ragoe (Weaker) - Ella's twin brother. A Dragon Trainer. Originally from Hoen. Starts with Trapinch. An fun loving optimist.
2. Ella (Stronger) - Steel. Originally from Hoen. Starts with Aron. Arrogant.
3. Maurice - A Crimson Army General. Uses the stolen starter that is strong against yours.
4. Selene - A Crimson Army General. Uses the stolen starter weaker than yours.
5. Demenza - Leader of the Crimson Army. Believes in the concept of an autocratic military rule. "The Strong survive and the weak must be destroyed" kind of view.
6. Zayne - A native to Hoenn and a close family friend of Ella and Ragoe's. He has competed in many leagues and is the creator of The Australis Battle Frontier. He will appear multiple times throughout the story.

Battle Frontier
The battle frontier will be making a return in this game. The catch is that in order to battle a Frontier brain and earn their symbol in the frontier you will have to defeat them somewhere else first (they will then appear at the appropriate time). This Frontier will consist of locations both new and old.

Region Description
Like Aus I'd like the middle to be a large desert with the west being primarily beaches and flat plains and the east housing a rainforest area, beaches and a mountain or mountains. Battle Island is a small tropical island in the north-east.The Wild Islands are a series of small Islands each with a unique habitat in the north west. Ducklet will have a different evolution on the western side, the east will still be Swanna.


Long ago Chaliseant and Arisuis created the rich ecosystems of today on the blank landscape of the Australis region as a haven from the Elitist ideals of Prilite. Prilite intended to destroy anything it deemed weak (almost everything since it's a powerful legendary). After a massive battle the two rainbo serpents emrged victorious and with Australis at peace retreated to the depths of the Legend ol and to within Mystic Rock. Weakened and defeated, Prilite fled to the peak of the perilous Mt. Champion where it has slumbered ever since. The pokemon and eventually humans lived in harmony on the island with all being treated as equals for many years but the emergence of the dangerous Crimson Army has threatened this peace as they intend to capture Chaliseant and Arisuis and sacrifice them to revive the dormant Prilite and use it to conquer Australis.

Screen Shots

The story begins in Boab town a small, secluded beach side location. Your awoken by your best friend and his sister who let you know that Gary Oak (The regions new professor) is ready to give you your first starter. When you arrive however two Crimson Army Grunts (Maurice and Selene who become generals) are causing trouble for the professor. You grab a ball from his desk (Choose Starter) and battle the female grunt (Selene) to help him. After defeating them they steal the other starters and run away. As a reward Gary gives you a pokedex and ten pBalls and gives you the starter as it is now the only one left. Before leaving you visit your mother who gives you a map of the region. At the exit from the town to Route 001 you, Ragoe and Ella agree to compete to become champion. More on the way.

Post Story

Battle Island: The home of the Battle Frontier and where Zayne is currently living.
You will get a house here after defeating The E4.
You'll be able to catch a Rotom in your TV.
You will be able to purchase new furniture for your house including appliances for changing a rotom's form.

*note: once you have obtained your home you will be returned there after beating the elite four instead of your mothers house.

Rematches: Like in many games you will be able to have rematches at all the regions gyms once you defeat the elite four. Once you have defeated a leader in a rematch they may appear on Battle Island.

National Dex: The national dex is given to you (after you have defeated the elite four the first time)

Wild Island: On Wild Island pokemon from the other regions will appear in the appropriate area. Once the game is complete I will give out a code every now and again that allows you to unlock more pokemon, including legendaries. You can go to the Wild Islands as soon as you have the National Dex.

Interesting Things to Note

Cassowaria is now the evolution of em-fu and is fighting/flying typed. Lots of new concept art is up.

HMs planned: Surf, Stength, Fly, Defog, Rock Climb.

New Moves: Dream Lance (Psychic/Special/140/85/50% Chance of sleep), Vision Spear (Steel/Physical/130/90/80% Chance of Confusion). These moves will be the signiture moves of Chaliseant and Arisuis.
Bane Strike (Dragon/Special/140/80/Poisons the target if it hits). The Signature move of Prilite.

Many pokemon named, more being named. Sprites should hopefully be here shortly but there has been a delay.

I'm trying to get this project back into gear now since it's been on hiatus for quite some time. I am looking for any mappers, game designers, scripters/programmers and artist who would like to contribute to this project as I have lost contact with the majority . I'm also looking for people to let me know on how the dex looks and to give other general opinions.

Special thanks to:


Current Team:
Me (gimmepie) (Concept art, story line, ideas, fakemon, management)
UltimateDillon (Support Banner, ideas, crossovers, general help)
kirby9412 (Mapping)
Pokecody (Ideas, Some Concept art)

As always I'm looking for artists and spriters to help me out
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