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Skye chuckled at Maxwell's antics. "Yuh-You ah-act like I-I I'm guh-honna in-in-intuh-interfere." He gave Rama a cursory glance as Ellie's eyes flashed pink, keeping Sprinkles' Hidden Power away from his fox. "Thih-his is muh-muh-much more amusing."

Rama rolled his eyes at Ellie. "Think I'm too weak to fight my own battles sweetheart?"

"If by weak you mean dangerous then yes," she commented lazily. "I know what you're thinking and blasting him to smithereens would make Bri very sad."

"Life's full of disappointments," the Zorua mused lightly, grinning at Sprinkles. "Sorry little dude. You're just gonna have to grow up before Ellie lets you fight me. Maybe she does have a soft spot for you."

"Oh and you carry Pala around for the fun of it," Ellie shot from where she sat. Skye chuckled at them both and the Espeon glowered playfully at him.

"Well... yes." He winked at the sleeping bear. "But she's my little apprentice. She's special."


Ciel sized up his opponents carefully, noting the other boy's Pikachu had been knocked out. He nodded to himself, thinking. Kinko has the speed... but Triac the defense. However, Chika's sturdier... and doesn't have to worry about the ground type disadvantage like Triac... All right then. He nodded softly. "Brie," he murmured to his Absol, who peeked up at him. "I'm going to show you a battle. Just watch me." The Absol made a delighted little chirp of a growl.

Ciel disliked battling. Okay scratch that, he hated battling. He thought it was the most painful thing for Pokemon to go through, no matter all the good it did. And with humans it had to be so hopelessly onesided... He shook his head. This kid... whoever he was, he needed help. So that was why he was doing this. It didn't mean he had to feel proud of himself if he won.

He released Chika with a tiny grimace, the Togetic cooing curiously. He nodded at her. "Chika, Aerial Ace! We need to get that Ambipom away from the Riolu." She nodded delightedly and soared with a shree toward the purple monkey. This was a risk... but unless the trainer remembered Double Hit fast enough, he was pretty sure he could win this by himself.


The girl smiled lazily. "Manners dictate you answer first~" She looked at the shaking Pokeball and shook her head, continuing to watch with amusement. "You're a guest here anyway... and I don't think the others will appreciate you coming in here without a few polite words between us~" An orange Pokemon floated through a wall and the girl pet its head. "Ask Rotom."
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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