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    Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
    I don't really understand what you've got here....
    As much as I hate to say it, I totally agree with Swiftsign. What you've got here is a jumbled mess. But jumbled messes can be fixed. It may take forever, but go through and just simplify, unjumble, and remake some parts of your story and/or graphics. It's obvious that you pieced together other sprites, and while this is not always bad, I'm afraid you didn't do it well. Try more common character colors besides flaming yellow hair and one-color clothes.

    There's a lot of work that needs to still go into this, and I would say more but Swiftsign nicely summarized most of what I was going to say. So just go back, read his post again, let it sink in. All of what he said is true.

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