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    Kat nodded to Ruby. "Yep." Kat followed the others out of the door, and waved over Psy. "Are you coming?" Psy shook her head. She then turned over onto her stomach and flipped the page. Psy always was independent. Kat laughed a bit, and hugged Kiyoko closer. As Kat followed the others to the Power Plant, she started humming a tune from her home-town. It was a lullaby that her mother sang to put Kat to sleep. Star almost immediately fell asleep, and curled her tail and paws around Kiyoko. So she wouldn't fall. Kat stopped as she felt Kiyoko cringe. "Shhh... It's okay..." Kat said in a calming voice. "C'mon Kiyoko. Let's catch up with the others." Kat rushed back to the others, and saw the Power Plant over the horizon. "Ow!" Kat brushed what ever bit her off of her arm. "Oooo~ A Joltick!" Kat picked up the dizzy bug, and set it on a leaf. She normally hates Bugs, but Joltik are just so cuuute~
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