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Dear Anon,

i know that life is so damn hard,who said it's easy anyway? reached this case not because you're a bad reached that because what you saw in life was too much more than you can handle..i told you nothing is easy but suicide? SUICIDE? at least try to fix the mistakes DAMMIT when you fix what you did to yourself before anybody then you can think about sucide...but then again...i see you as a weak person..i didn't know you well i guess.

Dear Anon,

i'm sorry..again,it's easy to misunderstood me but is it that hard to ask me what i meant?...that's why i consider myself weird because all the time misunderstanding misunderstanding misunderstanding ...that i began to hate talking

Dear Anon,

things has to be fine sooner or know why?..because that's what we have to fight for..making things become's hard but not impossible


someone who's tryng so hard
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