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    Jack Jacobs
    Academy Grounds

    It was even again, both trainers had lost one pokemon each and now. Blaze's focus punch was enough to take down the paralyzed Houndour and he was now facing down with a Koffing. "That's it Blaze one down two to go!" Jacks words of encouragement had Blaze going and feeling empowered. Smokey was the name of the Koffing and it entered the field and in an instance it had began to release its poison gas attack.

    The attack was unavoidable and heading straight for Blaze, who stood lifeless and afraid as the large cloud of thick toxic gas came closer and closer. "Flamethrower!!" Jack shouted out in desperation and hope as he watched Blaze release a stream of flames at the approaching poison gas creating a massive explosion.

    The clouds dispersed and it seemed as if Jack's plan had worked out but this was a false truth as he saw Blaze drop to one knee trying to catch its breath. Despite everything Blaze was still ended up being poisoned. "Come on!!" Jack shouted in an attempt to encourage Blaze to his feet and that he did but the poisoning was obvious and the charmeleon flinched every couple of seconds grunting in pain.

    Blaze was still strong though and it would take some time for the poison to bring his health down to a critical level but Jack was taking no risks. "All right Smokescreen and then you know what to do after" Blaze nod and smiled it was a secret strategy they had come up with. Blaze released the smoke unto the field covering it completely and during the confusion would use dig to get out of sight and confuse his opponent.

    As the smoke cleared Blaze was gone from the battlefield, Jack smiled waiting on the other boys next move.
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