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(Ooc: ._. PinkSapphire. Yaibe's not an Oshawott anymore, he's a Dewott now.)

Kilik Chambers

Yaibe was strolling along with Kilik when a Poochyena came along next to him. 'Hi there, i'm Hikari.' She must be Ruby's friend.

"Hi. I'm Yaibe. Nice name." Yaibe complimented. Hikari seemed like an interesting name. Then again, so did Yaibe's name.

Kilik & everyone else were nearing the Power Plant. When a Mesprit came next to him, he wasn't startled, not one bit. "Mistress has done that trick to me many times. I'm used to it." He said to Ruby's Yuki. Oldest trick in the book for him. If she was gonna take the part, she needed to be the part. Anyway, the Power Plant was nearby. Not much though, but plenty of Pokemon to see.

Earlier he heard humming from somewhere. Was that Kat? It sounded...soothing. It...sounds familiar. It was from his childhood. It must be.

"Kat. What was that you were humming?" Kilik asked, seeing her put down a Joltik on a leaf. That bite must've hurt, but she looked like she didn't mind.

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