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    Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
    I don't really understand what you've got here.

    It looks like you've just crammed as much in a possible, and it's played havoc with your story, from what I can see from the screens/what you've posted. The 'story' section of your thread itself is incredibly bland and tells me nothing.

    Working my way down your first post we get to a big issue - the characters. Mario? Luigi? Yugi? ... Quagmire? Why even. If you're trying to make your own game, which from the looks of it you are, don't go making it some kind of comic relief cross over. They add nothing to the hack other than a 'wth is he doing here?' reaction.

    Next: New moves. U-Turn? As far as I know nobody has put U-Turn into a 3rd Gen hack, because the mechanics of the move are pretty hard to replicate I imagine! If you can't promise features like these, don't put them in your first post.

    On to the screenshots. For the most part, your mapping is bad. It's horrible square, empty and boring. Two houses, a layer of trees (which can be walked through) and a square pond? The palette in the Pokémon centre is totally mucked up, which I assume you did by accident because it looks terrible. The hero sprites look flat, all the custom sprites just look terrible I'm afraid - 'V' is the only one who is in the correct style and goes well.

    The pokémon sprites you have put in, for the most part, are good quality. Which is good. However you might want to rethink what pokémon you are inserting. For instance, you have far too many legendaries. If they aren't obtainable it's going to be even more tiring. Only include the legendaries that are part of the story, and then 1-3 bonus ones (kind of like a legendary trio, at most). I also noticed Karrablast is included - Karrablast has a unique evolution path, so wouldn't it be better not to include it?

    Also the tiles you are using are well inserted, but it looks like you need more snow tiles considering how bare the snow maps are.


    Anyway, to sum up this mammoth post, it would be a good idea to finalise your story and pick what NEEDS to be included, and what you are throwing in just for the sake of it (IE Cameos outside of PKMN). Maybe have a look at some mapping tutorials, or post some maps in the map rating thread for feedback.

    I understand what you're saying. I am by far, NOT a Good Mapper. However, I have someone who is really good, working on improving it alot. As far as the non-Pokemon characters, they're in this hack for the fun of it. None of them was going to be seen or mentioned more then once and play just a small role except Yugi who'll have 2 parts. That's what I was doing with this hack, making a really good story but also adding some humor (wth are you doing here?) to it. I'm not in this to make the "Greatest hack ever with perfect quality" or anything along that line. I made it for myself and decided to share it. But yes, Quagmire may be going. The move U-Turn has been given me issues, you're right on that. As sometime when a Pokemon uses it, it either hits the opponent but doesn't switch out. Or it switches out, but doesn't hit lol. So you're right, I may have to change that as it's some sort of issue going on. The person who added the moves in this hack said he put Baton Pass attack description and an attack. Moving on, I should have summerize the story section more. I will get to that soon. I understand the amount of Legendary Pokemon issue and after sorting things out, I agree. Most are only 1 time battles against them & it is taking up space. I did this hack (other then the OW sprites, some house tiles, and help with the attacks) all on my own. I'm getting better assistance now, which should improve everything. Thanks for given me this feedback, I appriciate it.

    Edit Post-Karrablast is one of my favorite Pokemon and yes I know the way to evolve it is unique. However as I said, I made this hack for the fun of it & for my friends to enjoy. I just decided to share it here. So all pokemon who have a specific way of evolving that isn't available in 3rd gen will evolve by leveling up to a certain level.

    Furthermore, unlike some other hacks, you can catch a good amount of 5th gen Pokemon. The reason why there are so many Legendaries in this hack, is because they're being controlled and the world is in chaos. Thus, making the voice in the dream (As stated in the first post) choosing you to STOP them, NOT catch them.

    Everything has a purpose in the hack. (Except for Quagmire, Mario and Luigi. They're just for laughs and they are optional, so you don't have to talk to them.)

    I will take as much criticism to improve my hack, but I would like it if no one tells me what to or not put in my hack. As I said, this is for enjoyment and isn't that the most important thing about making a hack? Having fun.

    I thank each and everyone of your comments and criticism, I will take it to account. I have people to help me now so the hack can be better (than it originally was, which I improved on a lot). If you feel something is wrong, why not give me a hand? I could use it.