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Alexis turned to look at Len again and smiled brightly, nodding her head a few times. “Yeah, I think that’d be pretty good. And thank you! I think hanging out with you as well.” She lifted a paw to take his hand and got onto her feet, looking rather cheerful while looking up towards their trainers for a moment, glancing back to Len and giving him a firm nod. “Right! I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine.” A light, playful grin spread on her lips. “Just like I “had” your back earlier.” She added with a wry little snicker.

“Right! Let’s get out of here and stop wasting time! To the mountains!” Daniel smiled brightly at the prospect of heading off on a long trek with a friend, lifting an arm to dramatically point towards the mountains as he went ahead and moved out of the Pokémon center and started trotting towards the mountains, Alexis and, hopefully, Mark and his Pokémon following up behind them.

While walking, Daniel turned his head slightly to Mark. “If you… uh, need any help identifying Pokémon, I know about pretty much every Pokémon in Kanto and Johto.. though not from the other regions. I was planning to go out and travelling when I got a bit older and figured I’d only need to know about them, heh. How many do you know about?”
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