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Hey there, everyone! I guess I'm first?

Name: Allison Catherine Ortega
Nickname: Alley Cat
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Youkai: Catgirl

Appearence: Alley is 4' 6", with light skin and light brown hair. Her hair is messy and shoulder-length, and sticks up slightly in the back. The fur on her ears matches her hair color, allowing her to hide them a little better. Her eyes are green, and she has a cute little fang on the left side of her mouth, visible even in human form. Despite her short form, she is slender and wiry.

Her typical clothing when out of uniform consists of a long-sleeved grey shirt, with a plain black t-shirt worn over it. Neither shirt covers her stomach very well. For pants, she wears faded blue jeans, and wears black running shoes.

In her true form, she gains a black cat's tail and claws, and her eyes become grey cat's eyes.

Cat gloves not included.

Personality: Alley is energetic and easily excited, but often a little ditzy. She is intrigued by new people and things, and enjoys touching or tinkering with them. She is usually in a happy mood, and is playful towards others, not taking things seriously enough. She isn't great with people skills, due to lack of comprehension. She just doesn't "get" people, but she tries. She doesn't react well to negativity, being easily scared or saddened if people are angry at her or if she kills a good mood. In many ways, she is cat-like in mentality, and she believes that she is an actual cat given humanoid form.

History: A fast-running and fast-talking girl from an isolated village, Alley was the youngest and smallest of the litter. With seven older brothers on her side, fights tended to end before the she could maneuver into punching distance, so she trained herself to run. She ran everywhere, all the time, often getting lost in the woods for hours at a time. Living in the feral community, Alley used her size and speed to her advantage, scouting for food and luring slower animals into ambushes. Alley found her way to civilised society after getting lost in the woods. She found the city interesting, and relished the opportunity to explore such a large and well-stocked city. After learning the basics of city life from the local children and living and working at a nearby temple, she blends in quite well, living off charity and whatever she can find lying around. The elder at the temple, secretly a Youkai himself, grew tired of her antics and enrolled her into the Academy, where she would be forced to learn how to behave like a proper Youkai.

Dorm: Dorm-B
Hey there, everyone!

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