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    So, this is vampire numero uno

    @draginja- looks good she only has no history yet, but i guess you are still making it, i'll reserve a spot for you then as Catgirl in Dorm-B


    Name: Sapphire Ruby Hikaru

    Nickname: Sapph

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Youkai: Vampire


    Sapphire is nice kind of Vampire, she's a little bit shy and hates to bring others in trouble. If someone ignores her she'll be asking herself why they would do that, she would think she did something wrong. Sapphire likes sweet tasting blood, she doesn't drink blood from humans much though, she drinks blood out transfusions. She also likes tomato juice alot. Sapphire's shyness can bring her in troubles sometimes, if people ask her questions which are too awkward too answer she'll remain silent and just stares at that person. Sapphire has never really been in love, so she's the kind of innocent type, which she expresses sometimes in her ways of doing things. Sapphire really cares for her friends and protects them if she needs to, but there's one problem... Sapphire actually never had friends because her beauty made other girls jealous.

    When Sapphire is in her vampire state she's almost the same, but she's not kind anymore towards enemies and she's alot more aggresive. Sapphire also tend to act a little bit cool in her vampire state. Even though Sapphire is in her human form, you'll always see her sharp little fangs in the corners of her mouth.

    Sapphire has been alone her entire life, her mother died when she was young and her father doesn't want anything to do with her. She never really had friends because her beauty prevented her from this. Boys only wanted to be friends with her to date her, and girls were jealous with her because of her beauty. She was all alone her intire elimentary school and middle school.

    Sapphire got a rosary when she was just 10 years old, this would prevent her from using her powers too much and it would make sure Sapphire could transform into her human form so humans wouldn't find out about her. Her rosary is on her necklace and is silver with a three little sapphire gems in the three corners of the cross. She got it from her mother so it's her precious treasure. Even though Sapphire is in her human form, you'll always see her sharp little fangs in the corners of her mouth.

    Dorm: Dorm-A
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