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    Remember the days when the progressing hacks section had nearly 2 pages of Active Hacks to check out? Now, you'll be lucky to have half of a page with active hacks being discussed. Let's be realistic, Rom Hacking has gone down over the past couple years. Sure, the technology of it has advance but the decline of hacks have dropped tremendously. Personally, I feel it's because ppl try So Hard these days to make a perfect hack with outstanding tiles and a flawless story, to the point where the hack itself never gets finished because of how much a person wants to make it perfect.(That and the fact some don't understand the person who is making the hack has a life outside of it.)
    Look at Pokemon Fuligin in the Hacks Showcase. I LOVE that hack, it's funny, complete, and really awesome to play with a cool storyline. It didn't need any new tiles, alot of new OWs, or new Pokemon for ppl to enjoy it just as much as I did. It was a Fun game and it was Completely Playable. Same for Pokemon Snakewood. When it comes down to it, most just want to play a New Full Pokemon Hack. That's what I'm going to accomplish with the Now recent help of a really good mapper and scripter. Let the creator decide how they want the hack. And if you don't like it, there's over 20-30 other hacks to play with that may have the quality you desire.

    Anyways lol. Sorry just rambling out my thoughts. I'll be updating the thread with newer pics and info after the mapper and scripter are done with their parts. I'll be busy til saturday...