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What? You didn't reserve me? I though we were GMing this RP together...

Just reserve me Dorm-A as Vampire, thanks for not adding me earlier...


Name: Ryuu Ricardo Rojas

Nickname: RRR

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Youkai: Vampire

Appearence: See Attachments (Left: Human Form. Right: Vampire Form.)

Personality: Ryuu is very ill-mannered & rude. He's not the nicest being you'd like to speak, & a little known fact, don't gloat around him either. Ryuu is known to be very quiet & anti-social, so his voice is sometimes hard to hear.He is quick to anger & will ty to beat you, which is why you shouldn't gloat around him. He doesn't like being nice either, nor does he want to.

Ryuu prefers to stay in the shadows. He doesn'treal like attention, nor in public. When he angers, he'll fight the one who angered him, unless it attract attention or its in public. He likes things to be secretive. He rathers get through the day & go to sleep so he can rest. He likes sleeping & tomato juice. Oh, the taste of tomato juice relives him of his problems. If he doesn't have tomato juice for at least 24 hours, he can get cranky.

History: All Ryuu can remember in his childhood is the dark past. He's standing right in front of Youkai Academy, remembering his lonely past.

As a child, Ryuu lived with his two parents in a little village. It was usually dark all the time, so there were also lamposts around. He lived here since he was born to the day he turned 5, at least that's what his parents told him. His mother always treated Ryuu nicely. His father, though, resented him. Those two never speak much.

One night, his father invited him out to a field to have a father/son time. No sight of him. Then angry sounds were heard, an angry mob was coming. They had torches & pitchforks. The one leading the mob was his father, yelling at Ryuu's direction to leave their place. It was directed at Ryuu. He ran away from the angry mob but tripped. Luckily he was able to hide in time. The mob passed by. So much noise it staggered Ryuu, & then it triggered a past memory.

A baby was lying on the floor, seeing two people that looked like vampires. They were struck down & killed by one person of a mad group. A woman came over to the baby & picked him up. She was his mother. The one who killed those vampires, was his father. But wait...those vampires were Ryuu's real parents. The other two aren't his real parents.

The memory made Ryuu so angry he came out of hiding & confronted the angry mob. Fangs grew out of his mouth, & he killed his adoptive father. After that he fled the field back to his home with the mob chasing him. He packed his stuff & glanced at his mother. She was wondering what was going on, until it finally came to her. She never had any bad intentions for Ryuu, even when she first found him. He climbed out the window & fled the village, never to see his mother or home again.

The past ended for him as Ryuu comes back to reality. Life was hard when he grew. Youkai Academy will fit right for him, but things will never be the same.

Dorm: A
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