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Originally Posted by Sakura Rain View Post
Lucky. I don't have either of the Final Mixes. or BbSFM, which makes me incredibly sad, as BbS is my favorite game in the franchise ;____;

So how's KH3D on Critical? I heard that
Young Master Xehanort
was really tough no matter what difficulty you were playing on...
I haven't started Critical yet, I will after KH2FM, and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. plus he wasnt hard on Proud.

Rewinding time back to the start of the fight? ARE YOU SERIOUS. Does he really do that, or is my information mistaken because I will seriously die a thousand deaths ;____;
rewinding time back isnt that bad, since he only has 2 bars of life when does, he has like 4 - 5 bars in the real fight, rewinding back 2 bars, he does step up his game a bit tho, but it isnt hard.

I reaaaaaally want to fight
Sora in Ven's armor
He was a bit hard for me, at first but now he is easy :)

because reasons
VEN IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER HE WAS PROTECTING SORA LIKE SORA PROTECTED HIM D'AWWWWW even though it kind of didn't work because Sora still got possessed by darkness I guess? Low quality cutscenes are the devil.
what I think is that Ven was protecting Sora, or Ven and Sora got possessed not sure, I gotta see it in english