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    Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post

    rewinding time back isnt that bad, since he only has 2 bars of life when does, he has like 4 - 5 bars in the real fight, rewinding back 2 bars, he does step up his game a bit tho, but it isnt hard.
    WELP. That's quite different than what I was hearing. But that is muuuuuch better than 4-5 bars seriously D;

    what I think is that Ven was protecting Sora, or Ven and Sora got possessed not sure, I gotta see it in english
    I think Ven's armor sort of 'stalled' the darkness, if you will. You saw what Sora's Station of Awakening looked like, all infested with darkness and such. So the armor got possessed instead of Sora, but Sora was still in the armor but the armor clearly fought using Ven's style of fighting but it used Kingdom Key but it used it backhand gaaaaaah D;

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