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    Originally Posted by MotherSerperior View Post
    Hey, is your Shaymin giveaway on Gen V? I'd love to have one
    I'm not sure what you'd want in return.
    its Gen. 4 srry unless you had gen 4

    Originally Posted by Kyogia View Post
    Wow, you're so kind, thanks!
    Anyway, for cloning, I'd want one of these:
    ~SPG2012 Reshiram Lv. 100
    ~Gamestp Deoxys Lv. 50
    ~Mew Lv. 5
    ~Jirachi Lv. 15
    ~FEB2012 Mewtwo

    Just one of these is fine; you may choose if you'd like.
    i can clone on pearl and i got to see if i have 2 jap jirachis