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Name: Raki Kai

Nickname: R.K Rakiki ( Only frinds call him that )

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Youkai: Catboy :D


Personality: Raki has a typical brave and heroic personality, meaning he'll willingly risk his life for people he doesn't even know yet. He's extremely loyal to his friends, and has been shown to be extremely forgiving. Raki is an upbeat person, and although he is simple minded at times, he has a strong sense of justice. On the other hand, Raki shows little tolerance for cowardice and selfishness.

History: Raki was lonely ever since he found out that he was a Youkai because his family left him in an alley to rot. His parents were never supportful to him due to him being a Youkai. He never had a real family as he was never found. That was until one of the teachers found him and brought him to the Youkai academy where he has lived in for most of his life.

Dorm: Dorm C
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