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Still working.

Name: Kitsune Kasai Shinseina

Nickname: Kitsu-chan/Seina (by family and close friends)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Youkai: Kyuubi

Appearence: In school has same head with uniform.

Out of school (human form)-
Imagine her with 4 tails.

True form-
see atachments.
first is regular kyuubi, next is battle mode kyuubi

Personality: Kitsune is a laid back and serious girl. Though very kind, she will remain calm if the situation isn't that bad. Whenever she goes in front of a pool of water or a mirror, to her sadness, her mind projects picture of her mother as her age. No matter what, Kitsune can't stop this from happening, and it frustrates her a lot.

Kitsune is the same in her kyuubi form, but instead sees her reflection as her mother's kyuubi form. In her battle mode, Kitsune's personality does a 360. She basically becomes a mean, lean, furry fire fox fighting machine. Fortunantly, she only attacks the bad guys, and never good people.

History: As a young youkai, Kitsu-chan was a member of a famous line of kyuubi youkai. Her great grandfather was the most famous of all-all over the nation, he was known for defeating the 1000th opponent his family ever faced. And it wasn't just a lousy one either-this was the famous Panther Lord, a demon who conquered 99 kingdoms. He almost conquered his 100th when Kitsune's great grandfather and his allies destroyed the infamous beast once and for all.

When Kitsune was 10, disaster struck. Hyo, the Panther Lord's great grandson, killed her mother. Kitsune was both sad, and FURIOUS.

"Train me, I wish to be strong like my ancestor..."

Kitsu-chan asked this of the village's sensei. He accepted, so he trained her to be strong like her great grandfather was.

To keep her ancestor secret hidden, Kitsu-chan was sent to the Youkai Acadamy to stay while her family tried to defeat Hyo. She brought her sword Buredo, just in case Kitsune needed it.

Dorm: A
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