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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Has the Final Fantasy MMO been released yet? If so is anyone playing it?
If not does anyone plan to play it?
14 is out on PC and has been for about a year, if that's what you mean. (I think they cancelled the PS3 version...) I've never played a Final Fantasy MMO since I just never get into that genre and I don't want to pay for something I would probably never play. I've heard 14 wasn't very good, though, hence the console cancellation. :s
Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
KH3D on Critical kind of scares me. KH3D on Proud kicked my booty alot. Hahah Im sure I will beat it well. :)
I'm annoyed that you had to play through the whole game to get critical. :/ I usually don't find crit any harder than proud mode so I would have been okay with doing it from the start. I mean, I guess I'll do my crit playthrough when everyone here is starting the English game (I don't have an English 3DS so I won't be buying it) but I'd still rather have done it from the start.
Originally Posted by Sakura Rain View Post
Lucky. I don't have either of the Final Mixes. or BbSFM, which makes me incredibly sad, as BbS is my favorite game in the franchise ;____;
Get iiiit. Cutscenes are all in English and you really only need to learn katakana to play because the menus are all transliterated English words anyway. 8D It's seriously my favourite game ever.
I reaaaaaally want to fight
Sora in Ven's armor
because reasons.
VEN IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER HE WAS PROTECTING SORA LIKE SORA PROTECTED HIM D'AWWWWW even though it kind of didn't work because Sora still got possessed by darkness I guess? Low quality cutscenes are the devil.
When that scene first started I was kind of pissed off because: A) I didn't know it was Sora and I thought Ven had become corrupted and evil in Sora's heart which would never happen so I was mad, and B) it seemed soooo out of place and I'd thought the game was over already and honestly, the whole diving into Sora's dreams part seemed so tacked on and unnecessary.


OMG VEN. ;_____; I just about died when I realized what he did. And then him, Xion and Roxas asking Riku questions to test him to make sure he was a good friend to Sora or whatever the heck happened there. AWW. AWWWW. My new headcanon is that Ven is totally the babysitter in Sora's heart. xD; He helps along all the new arrivals and takes care of Sora whenever he's sleeping on the job and skldjfls.


/gives him all of the hugs in the world omg ;_;

Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
rewinding time back isnt that bad, since he only has 2 bars of life when does, he has like 4 - 5 bars in the real fight, rewinding back 2 bars, he does step up his game a bit tho, but it isnt hard.
Honestly, I think the worst part of that fight was the fact that I could never deal enough damage to that thing he retreats into before rewinding time. x_X I don't even know how I managed it the time I beat him, since it just went so much better than every other attempt. But that was seriously the only part I had problems on and I still don't know why. ;_;