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Still working on it.

Name: Tyrant Storm
Nickname: Wolfy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Youkai: Werewolf
Personality: To the opinions of common Werewolves, Tyrant is somewhat normal. He perfers to eat meat over most things, but the scent of it could easily lure Tyrant in if he isn't distracted by something else. Tyrant doesn't have too many problems controling his wolf instincts. Although, if he's angered, his wolf part of him will attempt to take over, which will result in him trying to fight his instincts so he won't turn fully. In a case that requires a leader, Tyrant would be quick to become the alpha and lead. He perfers alone time for some peace and quiet, or to sort out his anger problems. Tyrant does tend to get a bit secretive around people he doesn't know. He does have a deep hatred for witches to to something from his past, and he'll normally growl at one. In his werewolf form, he'll act mostly on his wolf instincts instead of his human thoughts. Tyrant tries maintaining control of himself so he won't kill innocent people, but he loves the thrill of the hunt, even in human form.
History: Tyrant was born as a full wolf in a large pack that lived in a large forest. None of them had any knowledge of humans until one night. The pack was attacked by a few witches. The elder wolves were killed, and the young ones were spared...except Tyrant. The witches took Tyrant from his pack and set a curse on him. Tyrant became half human, half wolf. His wolf half was restrained by a special seal of a crescent moon. The seal only worked until the moon rose into the sky, turning Tyrant into a werewolf. While influenced by his wolf instincts, he killed all the witches who were involved in stealing him away from his pack. Around that time, Tyrant had to learn most basic human actions like speaking English and holding stuff with his hands instead of his teeth.
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