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    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    I think it's time for a little news. Haven't had much of this in a while.

    Here in the US of A we've got a bit of politics going on:
    • In the state of Missouri there is a potential law making its way through the legislature that would ban "teaching, extracurricular activities or materials that discuss sexual orientation unless they relate to the scientific facts about human reproduction" but a Republican lawmaker has come out (literally!) in opposition to it. [link]
    • In the state of North Carolina there is another bill that, if passed, would outlaw same-sex marriage... and take away many existing rights of civil unions for gay and straight alike. When the bill's sponsor's wife was asked about it she said it was important because the Caucasian race is "diminishing." Isn't it great when homophobia and racism get together like this? [link] Oh, but if you'd prefer your homophobia with side of religious intolerance I've got another NC story for that about a pastor who thinks we should hit kids with "limp wrists." [link]
    I deal with people like this all the time being from the RED State of Tennessee.
    I watched the video with the woman from North Carolina who said why her husband wrote the Marriage Bill. There honestly a bunch other people who think just like them in the south and its a sad sad sad thing.