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    Aaaahhh, now here's the thread I've been looking for.

    Well, It would appear as if general main character shippings and Ash's place in the romance world are the topic at present, so I may as well start off from there- a good place to start if you ask me.

    While I do believe that Ash is too young, oblivious, and pokemon-minded to ever have an interest in someone, much less have a girlfriend (or boyfriend), there is one shipping that I don't mind so much. AshXLatias. We all know that it was Latias who kissed Ash at the end of the movie, and she seemed to have a genuine interest in him from the start. In addition to that, Ash doesn't seem to notice girls very much, but he is all over pokemon- the situation is perfect! Well, maybe by some extreme stretch of the imagination. So, in conclusion, I'm open to any Ash pairing, although I don't find any of them to be particularly realistic in a canon sense, and I would personally prefer to have him put with Latias.
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