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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Sure, I would appriciate a few maps from you after my mapper and my extra scripter finish editing on the rom. The maps & all the other issues being repeatively mentioned are all My doing. I'm not an expert with most hacking tools. However, I am getting help from ppl who Do know what they're doing better and will expand/revamp the errors I've done. Give it time & all of the problems will be resolved unless I like the idea personally and want it to stay. I respect the criticism, however as I said, I never planed on releasing this hack to everyone on a public website. Me and a few companions of mine do these for fun. I simply said "wth lol" and decided to make a thread. So if there are things a person personally doesn't like and want it to go, I would like that person to Work with me and I'll consider changing it.
    BTW it's called Core Region because it's in the Center of the Pokemon Universe. Of course, I forgot to mention that in the story section so that's my fault.
    No worries just let me know when ya ready.
    Thats okay I understand, as you told me earlier you have only been hacking for 7 months, I've been hacking on and off for the last 4 years, to be honest your hack is about 5 times better then what my first hack was like. You will learn just like anything all it takes is experience, I just try make my maps natural, unlike the pokemon series which for some reason puts things in patterns for example ( __ ) -,_ = flowers lol.
    Flowers, trees and such aren't placed in patterns in real life, there scattered randomly, same with rocks, raising and lowering the ground, and water, puddles and so on, so just think about that when mapping. Well if you ever need any help or advice just let me know, I see potential in this hack so don't give up
    Oh yeah that makes sense now, nice!
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