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    Originally Posted by shomoher View Post
    Wow this looks amazing! I love the way you post regular updates every Tuesday and Thursday (now Saturday... by the looks of it xD)
    I wish you luck on finishing this hack~! I'll be looking forward to the first beta release!
    Thank you, I've worked really hard on this hack so I appreciate that
    And yeah it's to keep the thread active and alive
    Thank you again!

    Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
    ok thats alot of stress off me but as soon as i get time ill start working on it its very confusing and stressing like all hacking can get hahaha!!!

    i think the statue is ok but well as qaz the error and the wall background are well... needing fixed the wall background just doesnt seem to fit maybe make its pallete alil darker? (i feel like a retard not seeing the error till qaz mentioned it hahaha)

    gotta keep em happy hahaha anyways hopeing you can get more work done soon but personal life is way important mind you

    oh so your good at inserting tiles then Kebbles i was wondering if ya can well teach me how to as im sorta a noob at it? (trying to fnish my own hack)
    Thats okay take your time anyway as the quality will be better if you take your time
    Yeah I know what you mean, I took one look at the tutorial and I was just like,
    And yeah I will just make it darker, as I said to qaz I'll do it when I can be bothered though, I've moved on to scripting now (my fav part not..) lol
    Lol I feel like a retard uploading it and not noticing it lol i had to edit the post to mention it or every post would be pointing it out.
    I can insert anything I want now, It took me about 6-8 months to learn, honestly It's something I couldn't teach on here, I could face to face because I could just show you, but just do what I did read a tutorial and just play around, start by getting the older version of advance map coz the new one doesnt let you edit the palletes, I just use the new advance map to map lol.

    Off Topic:
    Okay everyone I've finally got some time to hack, so I'm gonna start scripting now
    I'll have an update tomorrow, maybe tonight aswell if I get alot done.
    Pokémon Ice Version

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