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In a world long since abandoned, pick your way through ruined cities and treacherous routes in search of the voice haunting your dreams. Only one thing is certain: nothing is as it seems.
Nintendo 3DS eShop release with Wii compatibility (e.g. Battle Revolution)
Stealth; sandbox adventure; faint tinges of sci-fi
The Espeon or Umbreon you save from a mysterious enemy is your first and most loyal companion in your quest across uncharted land. You’ll face shifting mutations, territorial Type clusters and your own darkest fears as you struggle to decipher what it is that drives you onward. Towns and cities become deathtraps, infested with Poison Pokémon and burnt-out ruins; man-made artificies may remain, but bridges and boats conceal hidden dangers, if you’re brave or foolish enough to explore them.

In a world where mankind has left, you play as the only human remaining – if everything isn’t just happening inside your head. Pokémon aren’t simply your strongest and most steadfast companions; they’re your only friends when nature itself seems to conspire against you. Flash floods and forest fires occur spontaneously when you camp out for the night – so befriending creatures with the power to save you will soon become a necessity. But most have their own agenda, and even your oldest allies may suddenly be twisted by the darkness engulfing half the land…

Teams face off in battles to control routes and cities, in full-out, no-holds-barred warfare. Native Pokémon can either be destroyed or coerced to aid, but be wary – they’ll turn given the slightest chance.

Each team fights towards a series of rally points; these are generally landmarks or small areas of high ground. They grow progressively harder to reach until the final few, which are located deep inside enemy territory – impossible, unless you have a clear advantage. Setbacks cost infantry and any makeshift weaponry (e.g. Voltorb bombs and Tropius trebuchets) you may have cobbled together, while victories increase morale and may convince observing Pokémon to join you. Defeating the opposing Trainer is the ultimate goal, but to do that you’ll have to destroy their life-debted partner; it’s the only way to get close.

Combat is weighted separately from the single-player game, with a few exceptions. Your partner choice carries over, as does your expertise at battle; many victories in multiplayer matches will also result in arbitrary windfalls in the campaign. All battles are characterised as nightmares in the single-player world, however, so experience gains and stat increases do not transfer between the two.

Concept art for a 3DS multiplayer battle in full swing
You, the player, as the unnamed protagonist of Dystopia; somehow, you've gained the ability to speak telepathically with Pokémon. Your faithful companion, Espeon or Umbreon, whose rescue forms the game's prologue. Ruling Type clusters of Pokémon who viciously defend their territory – territory you’ll have to cross in order to fulfil your nightmares. And a shadowy figure known only by whispers, whispers that sound softly familiar… as if locked inside them is the key to your past.
Internet connectivity
Wi-Fi Pokémon trading and Dream World functions occur through an island unlocked after the main storyline, which characterises them as Dreamswapping. Online battling makes an appearance early on, with teams from parallel universes able to test each other in nightmares. And exclusive, downloadable events and characters ensure that the story continues indefinitely.
A more challenging, somewhat darker adventure for older fans of the games. Characters are built up and destroyed, the story takes sweeping turns and decision-based plotlines form much of the game - so the darkness is necessary to ensure the player’s freedom to progress however they choose (be it on the side of the angels or otherwise). Emotional cues are taken from the Mystery Dungeon series rather than the mainline games.

Oh, and I envisage it built on the FireRed engine and released in chapters via eShop, for nostalgia’s sake. The fake screenshots below reflect that decision.

This is a fake pitch for a Pokémon series spin-off game, created for fun with no intention of profit. Everything Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures, Inc. Everything. I claim no ownership whatsoever.

Also, in anticipation of people thinking this is a ROM hack and asking me to release it… it's not, lol. I understand that kind of stuff about as well as I understand the meaning of the number 42 (not at all, in other words). Obviously it's a massive compliment if you thought this was real, but in truth every single one of these screenshots was created by hand in either GIMP or Photoshop (with GIFs mainly put together in the latter); the only coding I did during the whole course of this project was abusing some old web slice program to cut and paste these letters in the order I input. (Which probably took longer than doing it manually, but meh.) If you're interested in making your own, here's most of the resources I used to do the screenshots. Have fun!

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