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    Originally Posted by LudicoloDude View Post
    ive been studying this prgram for about a week and i have tried to ccombine some scripts. basically what im trying to do is getting you to walk up to your mom, and she tells you how proud she is of you. she gives you some items and your off. for some reason, the script event on advanced map isnt working, and i gave it the var # and unkown code. whats wrong with this?

    #dynamic 0x800100
    #org @start
    checkflag 0x200
    if 0x1 goto @done
    msgbox @1 0x6
    applymovement 0xFF @move1
    waitmovement 0x0
    msgbox @2 0x6
    checkflag 0x201
    if 0x1 goto @take
    #org @done
    Msgbox @3 0x6
    #org @move1
    #raw 0x12
    #raw 0x12
    #raw 0x10
    #raw 0xFE
    #org @take
    Giveitem 0xD 0x5 MSG_OBTAIN
    Msgbox @4 0x6
    #org @1
    = Hey \v\h01, come here.
    #org @2
    = Todays the big day that\nyou get your first pokemon!\pI'm so proud of you that\nyou are starting your own\ladventure!\phere are some items that\nwill help you!
    #org @3
    = See you later!
    #org @4
    = thats every trainers friend.
    I'm by no means an amazing scripter, but I don't think that if you've used a script box that you can use the 'lock' or 'faceplayer' commands.

    Instead of 'lock' use 'lockall' and instead of faceplayer, use movements to get the mother to be where you want her to be.

    I think that should work.

    Also, when you use 'applymovement 0xFF' the next line needs to be 'waitmovement 0xFF'. In your script you've put 'applymovement 0xFF' and 'waitmovement 0x0'.

    I'm writing this on my phone, so it's a little difficult to see if there's anything else wrong with the script.

    Maybe someone with a little more knowledge will be able to help you if what i've said turns out to be untrue.
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