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Originally Posted by ToriSora View Post
Permission to join the club?
Granted! Shining Raichu will add you to the list (if he hasn't already). Care to share what made you interested in joining? You don't have to, of course. If you'd rather pretend I never asked then that's fine. But if you are comfortable sharing it's nice to hear people's stories.

@Kura: I wish there were some better explanation for their behavior, but they're just immature boys who live in a man's world where they never have to think about things outside their narrow views of life. What you did when you saw their thread was perfectly rational: you saw support for same-sex couples. But if you put your straight-boy-glasses on you'd see it wasn't about that at all, that the fact that they're gay is only incidental and it was just an excuse to look at girls as something that's pleasing to them. Not knocking people looking at things, you understand. Yeah. I'm loosing my train of thought now.