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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
I'm kind of irked lately. On another forum some people were posting pics of "hot lesbians hurrhurr" (because they're guys and "lesbians are hot stuff") and I was like "Awesome! LGBT!" because who doesn't want to spread the love? And so I posted this:

Because I thought it was a really artful and pretty picture. And then I had people raging saying I should be banned for posting it, and "that's gross." Etc. I mean.. we're not talking about hormonal 13 year olds or semi-retarded 7 year olds raging. I'm talking about grown adults going "ew." I mean.. what? Are you serious?
So now I'm just pissy. It's like.. what the heck. It's okay to post girls kissing and not this? These guys aren't even kissing! What's so bad about gay guys? Is it really more socially acceptable to be a lesbian because according to some immature buttholes it's "hot"? Ugh it just makes me rage.
Man I'm not here to knock lesbians at all. Seriously. Post all the lesbian pictures you want; I don't care. I embrace it and I think it's awesome, too. Free love FTW!! But don't cry a river when someone brings up something gay. It's so hypocritical it's not even funny.

Have any of you ever experienced this? >_> It's just so frustrating IMO.. argh. I wanna smack some sense of respect into these people.
Yep, I've experianced that frustration too. It's terrible! That's why I like to troll homophobes in my school by "hitting on them". The results are hilarious and I've had rumors about my sexuality for a long time so my reputation is really unchanged. ^_^
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