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Name: Alice Marie Stone
Nickname: - (Goes by Alice alone)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Youkai: Onimodoki

(Left eye is red. Both eyes have light rings inside them. Always wears her headphones)

In her human form, her hair is short and brown with fairly long bangs, and she has both eyes blue. She doesn't wear much other than her uniform, but keeps her headphones around her neck in class when she can't listen to music. Alice's build is overall very fair and tiny in both forms.

Personality: Alice is the definition of deceiving. She lies to get her way, and has a sharp tongue that she can and will use if anyone tries to step above her. On the outside, she does try to be kind to other people and genuinely friendly/social, but this is often broken down after a while due to her hatred of people and youkais. Alice will tend to make friends only to benefit herself somehow, unless they're particularly 'special'.

Due to her tough attitude, most people do think of Alice as rather strong and smart. She keeps this up by bragging and speaking her mind, making great comebacks in arguments she gets into. Deep down she understands that she's much physically weaker than everyone else, but her false arrogance gives her the impression she needs to make sure no one else knows what she is.

History: A long time ago, Alice had a family of 3 and herself; her mother, her father, and her older brother. Though her mother was human, her father was a youkai along w/ her brother. Both of them were harsh, and her brother made it part of his daily routine to pick on and boss around his younger sister. She ended up hating everything because of the ongoing abuse from both of them, and forcing herself to be stronger somehow or another. She took the first chance she could at enrolling in the academy and getting away from her family, even if it hurt her to part from her mother.

Dorm: C
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