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Your most crowning gaming achievement, online or offline.

Offline: Either completing KH2:FM or Tales of the Abyss. Both took about 200 hours and had a lot of teamwork between me and my roommate, so I still look back on it proudly. xD; Also, my LV1 playthrough of KH:BBSFM. Other KH games seem so easy in comparison now.

Online: I don't do a lot of online play but this one time, a bunch of us were playing L4D2 VS on the 360. I don't remember a lot of the details but the teams were horribly mismatched with a lot of experienced friends against this other friend and I. We lost the game, but owned the finale. It was Dead Centre and they got like 3 gas tanks and I think we either finished it or got really close, including one or two instances of me totally kiting Mork as the tank all around the map. XD; It was hilarious.
Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
Why don't you start an individual project?

It is all about brain storming. I have a couple of half individual, unique ideas but still, even having something is good.
But I don't have any ideas at all. If I did, I'd do something with them. XD;

I used to have some original stories I'd come up with in high school when I was still aiming to become a comic book artist or something like that, but I can't really remember any of them. But I should go see if I have any of my old notes on them and see if any of it is even basic-RPG worthy. :B