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    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    -cough- stalker -cough-

    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    Well, if/when you have a chance, it's worth it. 8D So much fun.
    Argh I am totally wound up for it now MUST. PLAY. FINAL. EPISODE. or whatever the FM only part with Aqua is called.

    YEP THAT WAS ME TOO. I could not think of a single reason why Ven would've turned evil, especially in Sora's heart. And then I started panicking thinking that Vanitas (who I think also has a room in the Sora's Heart Hotel?) could have corrupted him or something. And then I got annoyed again that they were just pushing something like that to the end of the game with no explanation. (If that were the case, it would've made a cool extra boss or something, I remember thinking.)

    Hahaha, after Riku goes through the questions and then meets DiZ on the beach or whatever, they laugh at the fact that Sora is always sleeping. And then of course I think I made the connection for the first time that Sora sleeps almost as much as through a lot just like Ven does. I... I'm not sure why I never noticed before, especially since COM is my favourite game after KH2. XD; So of course, now I wonder if Namine ever found Ven while she was rearranging Sora's heart while he slept. She's so all-knowing by the time KH2 comes around, it wouldn't surprise me. They would be adorable friends. .__.

    I think that was Ven's question. And iirc, you have to answer "My friends" in order to get the secret ending. AWW. ;~; I just picked the sappiest answers for everyone without looking up a guide or anything and it all worked out.

    [/just doesn't even turn fangirl mode off, don't mind me]

    omg if you can believe this I didn't even think of Vanitas. BUT IF IT WAS VANITAS I WOULD HAVE MURDERED HIM AND THEN HE WOULD BE DEAD.asdfjkl I HATE VANITAS HE IS A PRICK OF THE HIGHEST ORDER And yeah I think he's in there somewhere but he's probably too scared of the awesomeness that is ventus to try anything XD I can totally see ProtectiveBigBrother!Ven murdering Vanitas over Sora XD HE IS FANTASTIC OKAY ven i mean not vanitas I hate Vanitas

    And omg he does sleep a lot. I loved how they were both laughing about it omg it helped my heartbreak over sora seriously he got screwed over so badly in this game poor dear ;_; and then at the end of the game they showed ven at castle oblivion AND HE SMILED OR TWITCHED OR SOMETHING AT THE END and I was like kkl;jaslkdfjasd;lj young man you need to wake up this instant and i actually ship venxnamine does this make me a bad person ;_; and D'AWWWW OF COURSE THAT WOULD BE THE PREFERRED ANSWER FOR VEN. HE IS JUST TOO CUTE FOR LIFE ASDFJKL

    MY FANGIRL METER JUST HIT THE CEILING. omg did you draw that asdfjkl

    @CarefulWetPaint KH and KHII only had one ending I think. Definitely go chronological if you can. It makes a looooot more sense that way. I actually started with KHII so I was a little confused lol. Think of the poor people who started with Days. -shudder- And yes, avoid Re:coded like the plague. It's easily the worst entry in the series. I only got it because I wanted to have the whole series don't judge me

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