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Originally Posted by Jobrjo View Post
Well, since trading with one's self is possible with the real games, I'll let it slide with emulators as well- but not with the same game. If I have 1 DS and 1 White, I can't trade with myself. So 2 copies are needed to trade with oneself. I'll allow it since you did that, with Red and Silver. Once I get the chance, I'll view it and post it as well
The thing with emulators is, you actually have infinite of all of them. You just have to make a copy of the game first. So like, I could say "hmm, I want to trade Silver with Silver.", copy the rom and the emulator, and then start each game. Its the same thing as buying 2 gameboys and 2 Pokemon SIlver versions. There is nothing in the code of the cartridge that makes it incompatible with cartridges with the same name.