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    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    Yup, I think that was the name! And it was so awesome. A bit empty but the boss fight at the end was awesome. As was the secret ending that ended up being a lie square enix WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME ;__;

    Aww, man, I feel bad because every post I'm just like "WELL IN MY HEAD CANON..." but seriously I spend my days just thinking about all this stuff so I have a lot of head canon. But anyway! In my head canon, Sora hears all the voices in his head and all Vanitas ever manages to do are silly things like yelling out random numbers while Sora's trying to do a math test or flipping the Command Board whenever the people-in-Sora's-heart try to play it. Because they totally do that in their spare time. Since they probably, you know, have a lot of it. Ven would teach them how to play. And since he's absolutely horrible at it, no one would actually know how to play so I guess the board-flipping would kind of backfire on Vanitas anyway. He merged part of his heart with Sora. Sora. So he can't be that evil anymore. :P
    ...I think your headcanon is the best headcanon XD omg I can just see poor Ven getting all flustered trying to explain the Command Board to everyone and they're just like "DOES. NOT. COMPUTE." and vanitas seriously freaks me out a little bit he was a ven stalker and really really psycho. Dunno how
    ven's darkness was so vast that it made him
    but gah. The entire thing confuses me ;_;

    Haha, DiZ creeps me out so I was amused when Riku made the joke and then switched to "DDDD:" when DiZ started laughing too. Maaan I think I dislike him almost as much as MX. ;_;' But omg Sora is such a trooper. He realizes he spent his entire Mark of Mastery exam asleep, doesn't become a Keyblade Master after everything he's done, and still gets more excited about Riku getting the title than Riku was. ;~; And I pretty much died when Riku wakes up from diving into Sora's heart and Sora's having a tea party without him. And Lea was being really creepy and sitting on the chair doing nothing but watching Riku sleep. And he was sitting on it backwards so it's not like he could even really have turned around as Riku woke up--he had nowhere else to look without sitting really awkwardly! :| Creeper!
    DiZ isn't my favorite character either. Like he was really really mean to Roxas and Namine even though nami isn't really my favorite character either but i ship her with ven because THAT IS CUTE In KHII he was all OMG YOU DON'T EXIST and I was like "really 'cause i just played the longest prologue ever as someone who according to you doesn't exist you idiot" omg I just felt so bad for Sora omg. When
    YMX put him to sleep or whatever he did i was like NO NO YOU STOP THAT RIGHT THIS INSTANT and jesus. I thought it was kind of cute that Sora called out for Riku right before he fell unconscious. Oh Sora, you're just providing fuel for the fangirls, sweetie. it was really cute though omg and omg I was so proud of him for taking it so well and being so happy for Riku. and Riku was all 0_0 he really couldn't believe it the sweetheart XD MASTER RIKU <3 Creeper!Lea is the only Lea, lol. Remember he was all creeper-ry to Ven in BbS XD

    I kind of started shipping Ven/Namine the moment I realized it was possible that she met him or even found him in Castle Oblivion. I have this mental image that won't go away of her finding the room he's in and going there every day during the events of COM when she was getting abused and forced to do things and like. Using him as a diary to talk through it. Even if he can't reply. Aww. ;_; (god there i go with my head canon again aaaugh.) But seriously, they'd be so cute. D:
    As previously mentioned, your headcanon is the best headcanon. I read a fanfic like that once, only
    Ven could talk to her through her mind or somesuch, and she didn't actually get into the room, and she only met him once, and asdfjkl VENXNAMI OTP

    Yeah. 8D; I sat down after I beat KH3D expecting to draw something epic that appropriately got across how cool the final bosses and stuff were and ended up with that. Close enough, right?
    That is fantastic. Because all we care about is the Ventus.
    Omg you should draw a picture of Ven'sArmor!Sora vs Riku if you're looking for something to get across how cool the final bosses are. I've heard people going on about how cool YMX is and how much of a letdown Ven'sArmor!Sora is and I'm like "IT'S VEN. DENIED!" besides the vids I saw of the battle made it look epic and awesome and asdfjkl. THE ARMOR FIGHTS WITH VEN'S STYLE ASDFJKL I SWEAR I SAW AIR FLAIR AND FEVER PITCH IN THERE SOMEWHERE

    And I can totally relate with the Re:Coded thing. I mean, I got it because I expected it to be decent... but I very nearly considered buying that DS game bundle that came out in Japan when 3DS did because it came with pretty art cards and I would've gotten a Japanese copy of Re:Coded. (That and COM are the only games I don't own in both English and Japanese.) Luckily, my roommates told me how dumb that was considering how out of my way I go to discourage people from playing it and I didn't. xD;;
    I, on the other hand, already knew it was crap and only got it because I wanted the complete series. i have no life D; Like, the existence of Dream Drop Distance completely spoils Re:coded's secret ending. It also spoils the ending of BbS but that is an excellent game so it doesn't really matter :D

    It needed more Sora's theme though. And more Ven's theme. XD

    /wall of text

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