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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
What are you applying for (specify which aspect of a job you can do): ASM.
Other skills you have: Scripting, basic mapping, "storytelling" (although not that good if I must say so myself) I can also do music if I really feel like it...
How long have you been hacking: a year.
Other hacks you may have worked on: I'm working with SwiftSign but he's dormant so I'll do something else with this as of now.
Proof of previous work: Emerald ROM Map (not finished), uh...TRUST ME ON THIS ONE
How often you visit Pokecommunity (provide timezone as well): Every day with UTC -7 (Pleasanton CA 94566)
Primary Contact (AIM, MSN, Skype, etc): Skype but I'm usually off.
Okay, you're in. :) Let's see what you can do with ASM. :P

I'll PM you with details.
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