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Originally Posted by droomph
I mean I understand if you hate gays
You do? Care to explain it to me?

How would you distinguish dating standards (not including hook-ups) of gay men and straight men (If at all)?

The first thing that springs to mind is that gay men prefer men while straight men prefer women.

As far as looks are concerned, I've actually found gay guys and straight guys to be about equal. Everybody wants somebody good-looking. In my experience straight men (at least the ones who are hot themselves) want the 'hot chicks' and will refuse to date anything they deem 'below their level'. Of course I've noticed that in the gay community too. I think it's an age thing; a sign of immaturity more than a sign of culture differences between communities.

As far as ambition and success, I honestly have no frame of reference. I've never gotten serious enough about anybody for that to even become a concern and neither have my straight friends. I wasn't even aware that this was an actual concern outside of Sex and the City.

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