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Dear Ano,

i'm sorry but i had to say that like wouldn't work if i said it otherwise and better for you damn either for me to be like this....i know it hurts but..i'm just sorry..i had to.

Dear Ano,

you don't know how much pain you causing me,but it really hurts...i don't know how can i tell you or show you i don't know what to do anymore..but heart is began to feel tired now...i don't want to keep losing all my entire life dammit.

Dear Ano,

you act weird,you're taking what belongs to me,again and again...i don't know should i keep fighting or i'm just standing alone on're not the same person at all,all the time you look forward to what i have and you do more than you could to have it and see the sad look on my face with a cold smile..why? why?..what did i do to you? it's been years did i ever did the same to you?..i won't because i'm better than you


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