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Why are you so uptight about the no emulators thing? It's literally pointless, it's like you're being one of those people who hate all pokemon after the first generation, except that you hate that they're playing a different way. And if you hack in a pokemon at level 5, why does it become ineligible? These tight rules are really set up to just draw people away from your challenge because you're making it difficult.
I'm inclined to agree, honestly. I didn't want to have to intervene here as I thought maybe talking with other members and getting their opinions would change your mind, but this challenge is way too restricting. If this is an end of the game challenge, why is it SO important that things aren't hacked into the game? Why do you even care that much? Some people have no choice but to use emulators, and some don't know or don't have the time to do the emulator trading, so they hack in trade evolution Pokemon or version exclusives. But I just don't understand the purpose of this being so strict, and it's a big turn off. I've actually had other people complain to me about this challenge, and I kind of feel like now I shouldn't have approved it. Please lessen the reigns on this, or I'll lock it. I like to keep my challenges within their bounds too, but I'm not this uptight about it.
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