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    Episode 6: The Way to the Temple

    "So, where is this Kuroshiro Temple?" Lyra asked as she met Blair and Whitlea in the inn's common room later that night. "I have not been that far to the north."

    "Is it anywhere near Voima Hill, where Rainbow Symphony is unleashed?" Kawa asked.

    "Yes--the temple is not far from the base of that hill." Blair explained.

    "Say...have you ever thought about climbing that hill and unleashing Rainbow Symphony yourself?" Kawa asked. "It would make an incredible story..."

    "It would, yes, but the world hasn't been in dire enough need to have it unleashed." Lyra replied. "Besides--it's not required that every minstrel do it." Kawa slowly nodded to show he understood.

    "You said you guided adventuring parties for a fee." Whitlea mused as she relaxed in her chair. "What sorts of adventures have you been on?"

    "Let's see..." Lyra thought for a moment before singing Emyina pekien liku., making a gold aura surround her. "Well, there was the time I led a group of clerics to deal with a fallen mage that had gone mad and died from the dark arts, only to return as a wraith...songs of light and protection were a huge help to the party."

    "What else can you see?" Blair asked.

    "Usually, I'm asked to defend trade caravans from rogue Pokemon, bandits, goblins, and other dark creatures of the forests and plains." Lyra explained. "If not that, I guide parties into ruins of towers, dungeons, and crypts to purge spirits and monsters." With that, the aura faded away.

    "In between traveling to different towns and helping others, life is never dull for either of us." Kawa smiled.

    "I'm sure it's quite adventurous." Tane smiled before asking Lyra "That spell you sang to recall your adventures...what was it? I've never seen minstrels do it before."

    "It's one of the cleric's spells I can sing with the holy tongue--Memories of Light." Lyra explained. "If someone asks me to remember a certain kind of event, I can sing to remember every memory I have of that kind of event for a short time. I can also look into the minds of my allies, but I only do that with the other person's permission."

    "Please, tell me more about your adventures!" Whitlea begged.

    "No, look into my master's mind--a vision has been troubling him, and it may help you understand why we travel." Tane asked.

    "Yes, you are welcome to look into my memories." Blair agreed. "I have nothing to hide. May Dorcha judge me if you see something I have not told you about before."

    "Okay..." Lyra got up from her chair, knelt before Blair, then sang Emyina pekien liku. again, making both her and Blair gain a gold aura.

    She gasped as she saw a scene of a cavern filled with many thousands, if not millions, of monsters. Then, a pale haired man in an elegant red suit began tracing a magic circle into the rock. This has to be an envoy of the Dark Realm, I know it!

    Her concentration was nearly broken by what happened next--a bright blue light and thunderbolts filled the cavern as a large black fox beast with a body that appeared to be made from rock rose from the circle of dark magic. The crowd of monsters cheered, but all Lyra wanted to do was scream in terror at how hideous the beast looked.

    The last thing she saw before the spell wore off was the man instructing a female vampire, followed by a brief scene of the vampire, in Zubat form, looking inside a bedroom of a mage's lodge, where Blair lay, asleep.

    "Well?" Whitlea asked as the gold aura faded from Lyra and Blair. "What did you see inside my friend's mind that frightened you so?" she asked the shaking Lyra.

    "What you t-t-told me before at t-t-the was true!" Lyra stammered before collapsing at Blair's feet. "Anima forgive me for not believing you earlier!" She spent several minutes in a prone position, pleading "Forgive me...forgive me..." as she fought back tears.

    "Peace, Lady Minstrel--I know you did not mean to doubt us before." Blair assured Lyra. "but, we need your holy song to help us get to Kuroshiro and awaken Reshiram."

    Lyra heaved a nervous sigh in an attempt to calm herself. "I normally ask for payment in return for traveling with a party, but with the world at stake, I can't think of any price that would be suitable for a quest of this magnitude."

    "How about this--in return for your holy song and skill in battle, we will provide for you and protect you in return?" Whitlea offered. "That, and you may keep a share of any treasure we find on this adventure."

    Lyra extended a hand to Whitlea. "Deal." She turned to address Blair again. "I know well the tale of Reshiram, and what we must do to awaken her, but my question you know where the eight crystals of power mentioned in the legend are located?

    "Yes." Blair replied, spreading a map of Yoso on the table. "The crystals are all interconnected, and finding one will guide us to the next one. Knowing that, the crystals names are what gives a cleric's--and Lyra's--spellsongs power."

    "But where do we need to find the first crystal?" Whitlea asked, her voice wavering a little with fear from the Zubat looking in at them from outside.

    "Our first objective is the Sacred Ruins just outside Sanyou." Blair continued. "The light crystal, Emyina, lies within."

    Just then, the Zubat from before fluttered inside an open window and formed into Thana. "There you are! Vere you eavesdropping on Lord Ansar's plan to unleash Zekurom on your vorld?" she demanded as she approached Blair. "Did you think you vould be able to avaken Reshiram before then?"

    "Likewise, did you think you could create a fox beast your own and the gods not notice?" Blair snapped back.

    'Back! Away from this place!" Whitlea threatened as she drew her sword, which glowed with a white light. "Leave us!"

    Thana charged at Whitlea, but she jumped away. Thana ended up crashing into Blair's chair, sending him tumbling to the ground.

    No sooner did Blair land on the ground, did he see a purple aura surround him as he heard Lyra sing Karuto, iichiida shou...

    To Be Continued...
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