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    Update #3 and #4 (sorry for the lull in updates, moved into a new place and was getting settled in. Then again, I seem to update more than other people, so I don't know :/)

    Notes on Update #3
    -Fantina was a stressful ordeal involving a poopton of revives, super potions, and an X Special Defense. Mismagius pretty much walled my entire team with type advantages.
    -Beat up Barry with no issue
    - Started feeling like I was getting a bit overleveled, started avoiding trainer battles and grass as much as I could
    -Evolved Kazza into Alakazam once I got to Veilstone to help with the upcoming gym.
    -The Maylene fight was made slightly more difficult by the fact that Kazza had stopped listening as he was Lv. 32 at this point, but Umber stepped in to help save the day. (We shouldn’t have a similar problem for a while, with Kazza listening up to Lv. 50 now

    Notes on Update #4
    -Searched for what seemed like forever in the Ruin Maniac’s Cave for the fifth and final member of our team, Brienne the Hippopotas! Taught her Earthquake because Jordan learns it naturally the earliest (in a few levels in fact)
    -Brienne was pretty much caught up with the rest of the team once we got to Pastoria, where we proceeded to beat up Barry again
    -Looked at the levels of Crasher Wake’s pokemon, started regretting thinking I was overleveled, proceeded west to train more on routes and in the Mansion thingy
    -Taught Wallace Shock Wave for the sole purpose of beating up the Pastoria Gym (we’ll be replacing the move relatively soon). Beat up Crasher Wake with Wallace and Kazza (w/ a Grass Knot for Quagsire)(Forgot to take a screen for this )
    -Chased and beat the bloody snot out of the British knob from Team Galactic
    -Sprayed some ducks
    -The Ace Trainers on route 210 are jerks.
    -Found the TM for Shadow Ball, taught it to Kazza. Jordan learned Eartquake naturally (told you).
    -Beat up Cyrus, got Surf, taught it to Wallace. Surfed behind Valley Windworks, got the TM for Thunderbolt, taught it to Wallace as well, replacing Shock Wave (told you that as well).
    -Surfed over to Fuego Ironworks and got the TM for Flamethrower. Taught it to Umber. Also got the last couple shards I needed to be able to teach Jordan Sucker Punch at the move tutor on route 212
    -Evolved Jordan into Golem to help with the upcoming Gym.


    The team so far (everyone actually looks brown now!):


    Umber the Monferno ♂, Lv.34 @ Fist Plate
    Ability: Blaze
    -Fury Swipes
    -Brick Break

    Wallace the Bibarel ♂ , Lv. 37
    Ability: Unaware
    -Hyper Fang

    Kazza the Alakazam ♂ , Lv. 39 @ Mind Plate
    Ability: Synchronize
    -Shadow Ball
    -Grass Knot

    Jordan the Golem ♀ , Lv. 35 @ Quick Claw
    Ability: Rock Head
    -Rock Blast
    -Sucker Punch
    -Stealth Rock

    Brienne the Hippopotas ♀ , Lv. 31
    Ability: Sand Stream
    -Take Down

    HM Slaves:

    Edgar the Bidoof: Rock Smash, Cut
    Airbus the Starly: Defog, Fly
    Herman the Psyduck: Flash, Rock Smash

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