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Names: Gimmepie and Loc
Pokemon Used: Spiritomb
Level: 100
Moves: Dark Pulse, Psychic, Giga Impact, Shadow Ball
League: Unova
Items Used: Yes
Ghost: Was hugely easy just Dark Pulsed everything...
Dark: Harder than Ghost... Bisharp nearly killed me because I didn't have any effective moves.
Psychic: No problems with reuniclus, sigilyph, musharna or gothitelle. Hard to beat Metagross and Bronzong because of them being part steal.
Fight: Murdered everything with psychic.
Alder: I am never doing this again. Alder was heaos hard to beat because my moves were not very effective on his hole team. I hate his volcarona with a passion and am glad for Giga Impact... I had like 10 HP left at most.

Might try with some other pokemon later... maybe butterfree that could be fun.