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Originally Posted by The Opera Ghost View Post
Jobrjo you said something that is about copying ,that a copied painting is worse than the original. But that is not true. A copied painting is the exact same as the original, with the exception of it being copied.

You listen to songs yes? Well every single song you listen to is copied. It is copied from the original first ever track recorded, the production artists then copy it to CDs for people to buy or to download. Does that mean the quality decreases? NO.
1st if all, let's not argue. W can talk this over nicely, I'm sure.
And your right (to an extent). That's why I allow them to be used, because they are copies. But, hacking in other things (Pokemon, TMs, etc.) is not the same as the origianl. It is different. That's why hacked Pokemon, emulator or not, aren't allowed. Because that is not the same.