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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
I see unicorns!

It's just kind of unfortunate that people have to label themselves. Like I understand if someone feels like they want to self-label, so they understand themselves better if they fit into a category. But at some point, if someone isn't straight, they're going to be asked what sexuality they are and if they're not comfortable labeling I can just imagine that being really out of line. :( Idk do other people think knowing who you are almost always involves labeling so it doesn't matter? Or is that a legit problem?

I just wanted an excuse to post that.

But in response to your question I think we all have a backup label for ourselves because sometimes you can't really explain who you are to someone very easily and you have some reason you want to. Like most of the time I don't bother mentioning a lot of stuff about myself because it's not really important, but when I do I'm always half expecting I'll need to figuratively pull out a dictionary so I can have all definitions ready in case someone either doesn't get it or is just more curious that most. In my own head I don't usually think of myself as "trans" or other things though.

Originally Posted by ToriSora View Post
Could I be a gay trans? I don't know if thats odd to say. But is that possible for someone?
Well, if you where physically male and attracted to guys and also felt your identity was more female then you would be straight (a girl attracted to a guy), but there are plenty of trans people who are gay, bi, etc. so it's not that weird even if it's not that well known outside of these circles.

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