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    Originally Posted by Joshawott View Post

    Haha! I appreciate the compliment, but it really isn't all that amazing compared to what others have accomplished during solo runs. As for your question, it was quite a while ago but I'm pretty sure Pidgey's moves were as follows:

    - Air Slash
    - Double Team
    - Featherdance
    - U-turn
    Huh, nice. Anyway, as my 2nd question was, did it level up during the encounter? I'd like to be 100% accurate
    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post

    I understand that, but as long as a Pokemon isn't hacked in with insane stats, invalid abilities, etc I don't see the need to be that strict on it. I'm not a fan of hacking either, and I have only done one challenge on an emulator, and I've done countless challenges total. But I give emulator players some lee way, as do regular players. I usually allow trading eggs or Pokemon between games, but only at acceptable levels for the current part of the game, and the same applies to emulator players that need to hack something in. Like I said before, this is an end game thing already, so I could understand being more strict if it was a full playthrough, but it's not.

    As for your rule change, you didn't really change it much. You just lifted the speed rule slightly, saying it's not recommended. That doesn't really cut it for me.

    For now though, I'll allow this to stay. If anyone reading this wants to enter this challenge, just...refrain from using things you can't normally get in your game, I suppose. If I get more complaints about this thread though, or if I see it get derailed, I'll have to lock it. I don't even know why I'm being so generous not locking it now, honestly.
    Because you're a nice person :D
    But, as I said, if you wish, I'll open up another part for hacked-in Pokemon, especially if it means this thread will close otherwise. Just say the word.
    Originally Posted by WolfsbaneCharm52 View Post
    You're being highly elitist by saying that you prefer the physical games because they're the 'original'. In fact, the only way it could be the 'original' is if you were the first person to ever test out the beta of the pokemon games themselves.
    Also, the elite four aren't meant to just challenge the pokemon of their region. They're supposed to be the creme of the crop, therefore able to take on almost anything. And it's not like Squirtle is hugely different than totodile anyways. I understand that you're allowing them now, which is better, but a seperate section is a bit ridiculous. If you're trying to compile a dex of every pokemon being used to beat the elite four, you'll never be able to do it without allowing hacked in pokemon, because honestly who's going to perfectly IV breed and EV train a dunsparce and then attempt to make a set that can overtake the Elite four on a pokemon that has almost nothing going for it, and will have no further use after the completion of this challenge?
    By "original", I mean the exact same as the game itself. That's one reason why emulators are allowed. What isn't allowed is hacking.
    ALright then. Let's get the Elite Four of Gen. I, and have them play someone who has access to all Pokemon, Gen. I-V. The latter will have a huge advantage, due to having a much larger pool of available Pokemon.
    And of course we can do it. There are plenty of Pokemon outside of Shedninja, Smeargle, and other not-so-good Pokemon. But that's PART of the challenge! To see who can do it with Arceus, and who can do it with Ditto. Once we get every region completed with every legitly-obtained Pokemon, then we can talk. But for now, there's plenty to do. I myself am training a chosen 35 (5 others as well, I just don't think their moves will be good enough to win). This is a challenge, it's not suppposed to be easy.


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