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    Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
    Try uploading it as an attachment to your next post.

    I'd recommend buying all the holographic ones you can, as those are the rarest, and if they're in good condition you can usually make a small profit off of selling them on eBay, since they're so cheap at that garage sale. And that Mew is probably worth the buy for your collection.

    I used to have some pages you could use to check for reference on checking everything on them, but I don't have those bookmarked anymore. does have all sorts of information on the individual cards when you use the search function, though.

    i hope that worked. i'm new at this, but I noticed this happens to be a numbered card. the other holos are not numbered, which seems to be a promo thing from what I've been able to find. Ledyba, Slowking, Marill, and Togepi. Another weird thing I noticed is they don't seem to have the marks on the bottom right corners like all the US versions do that denote rarity of the print.

    edit: according to bulbapedia it is from the southern islands 1 expansion set and is listed at 10$ on ebay. pretty cool buy