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Pokemon TCG Regionals: Ok, this happened around April 15th (I think) but i've had little time to post this so now I will post it.

Round-1 Status: 0 Wins | 1 Losses : My opponent used a Terrakion Deck against me, he set up too fast for me to set up any Stage 1s or 2s so I pretty much Collector stalled him & I got creamed.

Round-2 Status: 0 Wins | 2 Losses: Another loss, I was against an Electrode/MagnezoneElectrode/Magnezone Deck while I had Squirtle as my active, not a good day.

Round-3 Status: 0 Wins | 3 Losses: My opponent started with Mewtwo EX, I barley set up & X-ball knocked me out.

Round-4 Status: 1 Wins | 3 Losses: I was thinking of quitting last round, but I decided not to & surprisingly enough, I won against an Eel Deck, I kept on using Wartortle's Water Arrow to defeat the Eels, Serperior's Royal Heal for healing up, & Emboar's Heat Crash to destroy Zekrom FTW! :D

Round-5 Status: 2 Wins | 3 Losses: I was battling a Mewtwo Celebi Deck, I was able to set up Blastoise in time & use Cyndiquil to defeat Celebi & as soon as Mewtwo knocked out 4 of my Pokemon I used Blastoise's Hydro Launcher 2 times to the knee! Take that Mewtwo! That's revenge XD

More Coming Soon...

Today, I just went to the Dark Explorers prerelease & this time, it wasn't so bad!

The Begging: This time, I went alone. I got the standard 6 packs as usual & opened them & this time I got an Entei EX Full Art! :D But my deck wasn't the best :/

To Be continued...

Credits: XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX