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Whoa I missed a lot after leaving for four days, hahaha. You guys make this FC really bustling.

Gah, I hate this decision they made so much, too. I mean, why even bother with a Final Mix and a Secret Ending (which is totally the point of the Final Mix, aside from more BBS goodness) if you're not going to take it seriously? I really wish Nomura was just kidding with his wry laughs and all. D:

@Ven trying to explain the Command Board
That's really funny to visualize, hahaha. Yeah I never had the impression that Ven was good at it judging from the adorably dumb AI.
I always thought Master Xehanort put a little of himself into Ven's darkness, but who knows, maybe Ven had a really dark past. If MX deed put his seed in Vanitas (Oh God that sounds so wrong) then maybe we'll be seeing him as one of the thirteen darknesses or something. Why does MX remind me so much of Voldemort?

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I think Vanitas's darkness is so massive because the abuse MX put Ven through before he split them. :( I haven't played Ven's story as much as the others but while he was "training", wasn't he pretty much mauled by Neoshadows at some point? I imagine all his training was like that and it would probably be really hard to not turn to the darkness with MX yelling at you to do it the whole time. So after the split, the natural darkness he had plus whatever had accumulated during the training, plus any darkness that might creep in from MX when he split them was probably more than enough to make Vanitas (who probably got further training in the dark arts from then on [I shouldn't have used the phrase "dark arts", now I'm considering harry potter AUs augh]). I might be all wrong if I have any of the initial details wrong though, which is possible. xD;

Or this one, I think this is a more correct explanation. XD

@DiZ, Nami, Lea etc.
Yeah I hated DiZ after what he did to Roxas and Namine. I thought he was awesome in CoM but yeah, KHII ruined him. Namine was really one of my favourite characters, she arguably had more development than Kairi. But yeah, I did find it off when she started being this ghostly presence for Roxas and everyone else in KHII.
Goodness, I just watched that scene Sakura described now and I just wanted to get Sora out of there, gah. And the ending was really awkward but funny all the same. I wish they gave Kairi more of a role in the game, though! D: But yeah, in the ending Sora was still really happy-go-lucky which was odd, but I loved how he appeared when he looked into the distance as he set-off on his own, like he was all grown up like never before or something. And whoa, I just realized how creepy Lea was in that scene.

@Ven x Nami
Lightning's headcanon is pretty darn awesome, haha. And I'd be okay with a Ven x Namine ship because the poor girl seems to have no chance to be with Sora (even though she obviously likes Sora more than she's supposed to judging CoM, yes Namine from KHII is not valid because it doesn't feel right when she's all sweet with Roxas at all), and it would make good history of her finding out about Ventus, Terra and Aqua.
She knew from the Re:Coded ending remember? I don't think it's just DiZ ordering her to tell Sora as her Data self, I think she actually heard about it from Ven in CO.

@KH3D Final Boss
I don't understand why the final boss was exactly a letdown when that fight was a complete 180 degree reversal of the Sora vs Riku fight except Ven's fighting style is used but! Sora's still in the armor isn't he? I guess it is Ven. It did look really awesome and epic, not disappointing at all. And Lightning describes it as really awesome.

@Re:Coded and KH soundtrack
I thought Re:Coded was decent for its well-designed gameplay. Just not on-par with the rest of the series. But yeah, that's true the secret ending is basically useless now. And BBS really is a great game, I absolutely loved its Dearly Beloved too (I just listen to it randomly and just feel all dreamy and in the KH mood). Yeah, btw Sakura if you're looking for a final boss theme with the stuff you wanted more in the spoiler, look no further than the soundtrack for Ven's final boss in BBS. Some awesome music right there.

Originally Posted by ToriSora View Post
I wonder if FF Versus will have a release date announced at E3. I'm guessing 2021 XD TBH with how things are going I would not be shocked.... It was announced in 2006 right?

I actually want them to just announce either that game or KHIII already since it's taking such a long time for them to release even just a glimpse of the game. And yes it was announced alongside FFXIII, and that makes me wonder, aren't the Osaka teams making FF Versus XIII and KHIII one and the same?

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I actually tried multiple quotes but the post had more quotes than my replies so I made it the way it is now instead. XD