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    I haven't made a log for this yet but I'm showcasing what I have currently for a game I'm working on, called Pokémon Amethyst/Jade/Calcite, being made with RXMP.

    The Player:

    You are a young man/woman who sets out to make a name for yourself as a champion Pokémon trainer, you leave your house in Bloom Town and venture across the region (which has yet to be named); collecting gym badges and battling trainers.
    But while this goes on, a team of evil-doers known as Team Alpha have spent years researching the legendary Pokémon of the region, and wish to control their power.
    During your travels you will come across Team Alpha several times, thwarting their schemes and stopping them from gaining the power to control the region, and anywhere else they desire.

    Team Alpha:

    The Rival:
    The player may name the rival.
    The player also has a second rival, being the opposite gender of what you choose to be. (Also able to be named)

    The Gym Leaders:

    Uses Normal type Pokémon..

    Uses Grass type Pokémon.

    Hiro (name subject to change)
    Uses Electric type Pokémon.

    (Sprite unavailable as of yet)
    Uses Steel type Pokémon.

    Ui (Name subject to change)
    Uses Fire type Pokémon.

    Uses Psychich type Pokémon.

    Uses Water type Pokémon.

    (Sprite unavailable)
    Not confined to a type, uses a mix of powerful Pokemon.

    The Eilte Four:

    Uses Poison type Pokemon.

    Uses Ice type Pokémon.

    Uses Dark type Pokémon.

    Uses Dragon type Pokémon.

    Champion of the league, not confined to type.

    The dex so far:
    apologies, but it seems Imagebam doesn't work for linking images at the moment, go to


    For their work on tiles.
    Everything else has been done by myself or my brother.

    Further Info:
    - Once the player has bested the champions of the region, they can take a boat to the Hoenn region (in progress) where they may partake in gym challenges and battle that regions elites.
    - Once a player has done all of that, they may still feel unchallenged: They may then venture to the Battle Resort, opened by the home region's league champion; features things such as a battle tower where players may choose battle paths including: Kanto gym leaders; Johto gym leaders; Hoenn gym leaders; Sinnoh gym leaders; Unova gym leaders (including gym leaders added in B/W2).
    - There's also been consideration on adding a 3rd region.
    - Sprites and names are subject to change at any point, considering a lot of them were done years ago.
    - To give a percentage on how much is done:
    - Sprites: 85%
    - Maps: 75%
    - scripting: 12%

    Progress is slow at the moment as I'm getting a major error with sprites.
    If anyone has a solution or may be able to help, please go to here
    Also, please don't ask me to speculate a release date, it's a very slow project that I'm working on, almost solitary.

    Edit: Because of not being able to find a work-around for the couple of errors I'm faced with, I'm afraid production is on complete hold.
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