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    The Trainer sprite? Yeah I may have resized it & messed it up abit. I'll get to fixing it or a better one. But the OW is the exact one from the website you and atif addressed me too.

    No, you won't be able to catch Giratina. The only Legendaries you'll be able to catch are these:

    The Good Legendaries on this list are the only catchable ones. Keldeo is your rival's legendary but he will give it to you later on in the game.
    These are the Bad Legendaries who are mostly mentioned and being mind-controlled. They will not be catchable.

    I decided to use this little present box for items laying around on the floor in the hack lol. So stuff likes Potions/TMs/etc in random areas can be found in these.

    Repost: BTW, does Anyone know how to recreate the double battle in G/S/C when the player & Lance team up in a double battle? I could really use a script event like that. If anyone knows how & willing to help, Pls PM me. I have a Really cool idea with the player & your friend rival in a double battle against Tornadus/Thunderus.