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I'll try to be active in this club, so hopefully I can join.

Username: Cid
Current Console of Choice: PS2. The console just blew me away. I didn't even expect to enjoy it that much.
Favourite Game: Mother 3. Strange, funny, and heartrending.
Mario or Luigi? Luigi. I've been the little brother for most of my life, so I think I can relate with him more.

Your most crowning gaming achievement, online or offline.

I'm pretty pathetic on anything that's a crowning moment of awesome. I don't think I have anything crowning to boast online. Offline though, I'm pretty proud of beating the frustratingly difficult Mother/Earthbound Zero. I also caught all catchable legendaries from Gen I - Gen IV in the Pokémon games I played, I think that was the greatest achievement I could ever accomplish in my Pokémon games. Plus I'm pretty happy to have beaten Unknown from BBS using the slowest character in the game. Just had to take many beatings, until I finally got it. I think the first one made me feel accomplished the most, though.